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Icons! #8 // 53 multi-fandom icons

Unlike most normal people I, for some reason, hoarde my icons until I have hundreds of them just sitting around. I'm trying to break myself of that, kind of. Therefore a lot of these icons are pretty old (4-6 months old for some). I have a buttload of textures to post, too, but I'm slow with that kind of stuff.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes aren't spoilery out of context, imo, but if you're worried about them you might want to skip this post. GO SEE IT! I really thought it was better than Knocked Up and Mila Kunis is totally one of my girl crushes now.

The two Doctor Who icons are my first animated icons in.... a LOOOOOONG time. I know they're not as nice as ones others make but I tried and I'm proud that they turned out at all, LOL.

If anyone's interested in a tutorial for any icons, I would look forward to making a couple. This post or past ones. I keep a bunch of my psds so I could re-create it. I don't, however, give out the psd. So feel free to ask for a tutorial and I'll do my best to make one!

* Commenting is love. Nominations are also adored.
* No hotlinking and, ya know, don't claim as your own. Mmkay?
* Gradient/brush/cap credit is in my resource post.
* Blanks are not bases. Do not customize. Please don't ask, the answer is no.
* Please credit marishna and not the community. Thanks!
* Last time: 50 multi-fandom icons & requests
* Next time: Possibly a tutorial and some textures?

20 x Supernatural
12 x Katie Holmes
10 x Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes (objectionable language)
10 x Sophia Bush
02 x Chad Michael Murray
02 x Doctor Who 4x01 (animated)
01 x Alias

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Tags: ! maker: marishna, actors: chad michael murray, actresses: katie holmes, actresses: sophia bush, fandom: alias, fandom: supernatural, movies: forgetting sarah marshall
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