March 2nd, 2011

Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

Icons! #31 // 59-ish icons (Elena Gilbert for 20in20, DW, random celebs, misc)

The request icons are finally posted! To be totally honest I had 98% of them done that first week and then my drive to make icons kind of sputtered to a halt on the highway. I actually really like what came out of the request icons so I'm happy with them.

My icons for cw20in20, however, not so much (one hour left to post, wut?!). I love TVD and I really like looking at the caps for the show but when it comes time to icon a lot of the scenes, especially anything indoors, I find I have the hardest time with colouring. Once crunch time with this set I lost a lot of creativity, too. I had to force it but I did NOT want to bail on these because I bailed on my last luck20in20 challenge (so these challenges are the new LIMS contests, right? Do people even still have LIMS? I have a turbo one on my flist but that's all I know of).

Anyway. I signed up for misfits20in20, as well. I LOVE iconning Misfits! I find the quality of the colouring and the way the directors frame their shots allow for beautiful close ups and more fantastical colouring. Plus I claimed the Christmas special which was HILARIOUS.

I'd like to open requests up again soon but I don't know quite when. I had a good thing going with this set so I don't want to force them. Maybe once I get this next 20in20 under my belt.

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* Last time: 105 Multi-fandom icons and 115 Multi-fandom icons
* Next time: Probably Misfits icons for misfits20in20

20 x Elena Gilbert icons for cw20in20
11 x Elena Gilbert alternates & other icons
09 x Doctor Who
05 x Misc
04 x Being Human UK
04 x Chloe Mortez
03 x White Collar
02 x Ian Somerhalder
02 x Rachel McAdams

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