March 20th, 2011

Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

Icons! #32 // 50 icons (30 Misfits, 20 Britney Spears)

Wasn't sure I was going to get the misfits20in20 icons done on time due to some RL stuff happening but I pulled it out! Misfits is such an awesome show to icon. I find that the caps are easy to colour and the scenes are shot so well with great close-up shots as well as group scenes. Until I start iconning something I ususally don't even pay attention to that stuff very much.

Might open up requests again this week or during the weekend, not sure.

I've also saved the psd for all of the Misfits icons I made so if you want a tutorial for any of them, as always, just ask!

OH! And a reminder that I'm offering graphics here at help_japan!

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* Don't hotlink/claim as yours
* Resource post
* Blanks aren't bases.
* Please credit marishna and not the community. Thanks!
* Last time: 59 Multi-fandom icons and 51 Multi-fandom icons
* Next time: Not sure yet!

30 x Misfits 2.07 icons (for misfits20in20)
20x Britney Spears (various music videos)

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