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October 2011



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Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

marishna in morbid_girls

Icons! #21 // 78 multi-fandom icons (community interest icons- COMPLETE!)

Back in August '08 we were approaching 200 watchers here at morbid_girls and I decided to show my appreciation to those people by making them all a sharable interest icon. The first two posts are here and here.

I have finally finished all of them! Some of the people who get an icon may no longer be watching the community or some of the people don't have the same interests as they did when I collected all the images. But it doesn't matter because anyone can take these icons. And I'm happy with the majority of them!

We're now slowly approaching 300 watchers but I'm not spending another year making more interest icons. It'll probably take a couple months for us to get up there so it'll likely just be request icons or something of the like. In the meantime I have more Sweet Charity icons to take care of and a few requests I took, um, months ago (I haven't forgotten!). :|

* Commenting is love. Nominations are also adored.
* No hotlinking and, ya know, don't claim as your own. Mmkay?
* Gradient/brush/cap credit is in my resource post.
* Blanks are not bases. Do not customize. Please don't ask, the answer is no.
* Please credit marishna and not the community. Thanks!
* Last time: icon recs and 64 SPn and related icons back in December
* Next time: Jared/Katie manip-ish icons! SPN! Lots of icons!


01 02 03 04 05

mscam - Clive Owens
murphyboy11 - Hilary Duff
myrasis - Amy Winehouse
nelliewu - I'm not sure :(
neo_valkyrie - James Marsden

06 07 08 09 10

neversince - Thomas Dekker
nowhereskies - Ryan Gosling
tankmachine - Cassie from Skins
ogiraffe - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
onebluesky - Natalie Portman

11 12 13 14 15

onlyechoes - Tricia Helfer
outoftime - Cobie Smulders
prettygirlbpd - Sarah Michelle Gellar
pushrestart - Kat Von D
raiseyoureyes - Scarlett Johansson

16 17 18 19 20

randomvacancy - Harry Potter's emo angst
red_fullmoon -Gaspard Ulliel
evenindeath - Sandra McCoy
romanticrain - Giovanni Ribisi
roonzil - Julie Benz

21 22 23 24 25

rubber_dick - Jessica Alba
ohfreckle - Gwen Cooper from Torchwood
sang_dencre - Eve Myles
santacarlagypsy - Jared Padalecki in "House of Wax"
saphiralupin - Billie Piper

26 27 28 29 30

save_the_girl - Dean Winchester
scarletumbrella - Jason Bateman
shamrocks15 - Amanda Bynes
sheepy_hollow - Jenny from Gossip Girl
lovestories - Anna Friel

31 32 33 34 35

sibarita - coffee
silly_izzy_me - Johnny Depp
silver_ariel - Drew Barrymore
simplysonia - Kate Bosworth
slodwick - The Tardis

36 37 38 39 40

smeared_kohl - Michael Rosenbaum
certainthings - Sandra McCoy
sparklpocalypse - Jake Gyllenhaal
spuzz - Justin from Queer as Folk
whtamarshmallow - Hugh Jackman

41 42 43 44 45

ohgollygeedamn - Cate Blanchette
earlofcardigans - Neil Patrick Harris
strangefrontier - Robert Downey Jr
sunisshiningnow - Leonardo DiCaprio
sweptawaybayou - Gale Harold

46 47 48 49 50

telefunkenn - Gwen Stefani
telltale - Jared Leto
the_caaah - Elijah Wood
theladyscribe - Sam and Dean Winchester
threeeyespei - Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

51 52 53 54 55

tintop_lizzy - Gareth David Lloyd
organza - Taylor Kitsch
turnyourankle - Joss Whedon
twentyfivepast - Gillian Anderson
reeface - Brian and Justin from Queer as Folk

56 57 58 59 60

v_greyson - Sam and Dean Winchester
walkingshadow - Dead Like Me
warmingweather - America's Next Top Model
wasabi_lobster - Lily Allen
water_thing - Wentworth Miller

61 62 63 64

woodstarling - Ewan McGregor
worship_elle - Josh Duhamel
zippitgood - Shemar Moore
zomzoms - David Boreanez


65 66 67 68

69 70 71 72

73 74 75 76

77 78


These are gorgeous hon!
So much pretty! Totally nabbing the coffee one!
I'll snag #43 because serious!RDJ is seriously hot :P
I love the Jessica Alba one!
they're all amazing but I adore the number 44-can i take it?
What's insanely awesome is I've been NEEDING new Katie B icons and now I have one, yay!

Thank you so much!
You made me an icon? :DDDDDDDDDDDDD OMG it's so pretty and perfect, I love it.

I also love 76, 46 and 45 lots.
Snagging 42, 65 and 77. Will credit when used. These are awesome, darling!
These are gorgeous, I love the colors. Thanks for mine!
these are so pretty darling!
They are really pretty!
I'm taking the Skins one and some Torchwood ones, thank you! ♥
Isn't #28 Amanda Bynes?

These are gorgeous btw :)

Edited at 2009-03-02 11:16 pm (UTC)
Wow, these are amazing, I love so many of them! Snagging 26, 36, 44, 49, 55, and 64. Thanks so much for making these, and for sharing them. Will credit, of course.
Fantastic! Snagged a bunch, will credit.
Wow, this is an incredible batch of interest icons! Great work on the coloring and cropping of every piece!

Do you think you could possibly make a tut for #15 (Scarlett)? I think that's an amazing icon and would like to make similar stuff in the future!
I realize it's been two months since you posted this comment but I finally got a tutorial done for the icon you wanted to see. I hope it's what you wanted!

Great icons!
Wow these icons are so incredibly gorgeous! Your coloring in some of these is so incredibly amazing. Like for instance in 13, 29, 30, 42 and 56. Those especially stand out to me. Just wonderful use of the lighting in some of these icons; it really feels like it adds something to the icon. And just your natural coloring is also so amazing. So many gorgeous icons. For now I'm only saving 30 though as I'm so in love with that icon. The soft placement like that is amazing and the coloring is so incredibly fitting and beautiful. You really get the feel of the icon across; amazing work!
Aaawesome icons!
Snagging some, will credit.
I am so sorry for the late reply...

Thank you so much for my icon! ♥ This whole batch is gorgeous. I especially love the coloring you've used on these.

And I don't want to spam you with comments just because I'm catching up on ten days of icon posts. So I just wanted to let you know that I also love the Jared/Katie icons you made in the following batch.

I'm saving a bunch from both posts. Thank you for sharing!
Grabbed the HP angst one and NPH. :)