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October 2011



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Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

marishna in morbid_girls

Icons! #28 // 105 multi-fadom icons (Supernatural, Doctor Who, random celebs, tv & movies, etc)

Another post of OLLLLLLLLD icons. Whenever I save up the icons like this they're usually ones that I didn't want to post the first time around because I didn't like them as well. I don't like NOT posting those icons that I don't feel as strongly about, however, because I've found that icons I don't like for whatever reasons are sometimes ones that other people really like.

A lot of the movie and TV show single icons were for challenges. Sometimes I feel really inspired and like I can get out of the box with challenges but for a lot of the ones here I remember being in such a rut with my icons and uninspired.

I've been on a The Vampire Diaries kick lately, of course, but since I've been capping the blu-rays right now I haven't been iconning very much so if the next batch is all of my older icons I should be able to finish off with the Supernatural icons I've been hoarding. YAY!

* Comments/noms = ♥
* Don't hotlink/claim as yours
* Resource post
* Blanks aren't bases.
* Please credit marishna and not the community. Thanks!
* Last time: 115 Multi-fandom icons
* Next time: I have no idea. But check me out, posting before four months have gone by!

03 x misc
03 x Buffy the Vampire Slayer
04 x Merlin
04 x Skins
08 x Doctor Who
09 x random celebs (Gale Harold, Jennifer Garner, etc)
12 x random TV (Torchwood, Friday Night Lights, Lost, etc)
14 x random movies (17 Again, The Dark Knight, 28 Weeks Later, Push)
48 x Supernatural (mostly season 4)


This batch is so Pretty!
Amazing Job :D

Thank you!
wow, you're icons are wonderful <3
Thank you!
I love how you chop! :)
Love love the Supernatural Icons! Grabbed a few of those and the Logan/Veronica. Very pretty!
I take some Spn, Merlin, DW, Torchwood and Dark Knight. Will credit, if use.
They are pretty.
Thank you! I'm glad you found so many things you liked!
Your SPN icons are beautiful! Will credit :)
Thank you!
really really pretty icons - thanks for sharing, will credit :)
Thank you, glad you found something you like!
i love the third Push icon and all of the Rose ones (they have a beautiful cropping <3). saved some and will credit when used!
Thank you! I was worried that since it's been so long since Push was released that no one would care!
Pretty SPN icons. I'm really loving the Lauren Cohan and Katie Cassidy icons. Nice job! :)
Thank you!
really lovely icons
Love the SPN :)
Glad you like them!
omg ruby
GOOD ruby!
Thank you so much!
Thanks, glad you like them!